Results for the 2018 Edition of the Positive Economy index for Nations, including the United Emirates for the first time

For the first time since the creation of the Positivity Index for Nations, a non-OECD country also voluntarily approached the Positive Economy Institute in 2018 in order to assess its positivity score: The United Arab Emirates (UAE). Engaged in several projects on happiness, positivity and well-being (a national program for happiness and well-being sets a reference framework for the Government), the UAE created in 2016 Ministerial posts for Happiness and Well-being, Tolerance and Youth (50% of the population is under 30), these Ministries being placed under the responsibility of women. The UAE are also the host country of the annual World Government Summit and work in close partnership with OECD on innovation in
the field of public policies.

As an exploratory and pilot initiative [1], the UAE positivity score was therefore included in the 2018 positivity barometer for OECD countries, revealing a score of 61%, which places the Emirates between Switzerland and New Zealand in 8th place in the overall ranking.
This exploratory initiative illustrates the will of the Positive EconomyInstitute to progressively open the Positivity Index, beyond OECD countries. In fact, the index is aimed at becoming a tool at the service of any Nation wishing to place the interest of future generations at the core of its public policies, fostering the development of a positive economy.

[1] For non-OECD countries, where statistical tools and available data differ from those used with OECD countries, we have used equivalent data, which are subject to credibility and independence verification. For the UAE 2018 ranking in particular, equivalent data have been used for 8 indicators, as well as a proxy for one other indicator.

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